Message Medals


As a proud sponsor KPN wanted to show their support for the Dutch skaters in Pyeongchang. We made it a little bigger by involving all the fans at home. The moment a skater won a gold medal we published their phone number on social and DOOH in real-time. So everyone could congratulate the winners more directly than ever before.

Thanks to seven gold medals KPN claimed the streets throughout the whole olympic games.

All the winners were surprised with a gold phone medal, full of personal messages from their fans.


Agency: N=5

Copywriter: Leon Ragetlie

Art director: Gabriela Nouws

Creative director: Thijs Bontje, Daniel te Lindert

Digital director: Marcel Hellemons

Producer: Birgit Bekkers, Hugo Meijer

Motion designer: Martijn Broekema

Client: Yvette Belt-Beekman, Mark Versteegen