The Dark Side of Money


Billions of euros are laundered through Dutch banks each year. More young minds are needed to hunt down the criminals responsible. But how do you recruit sceptical millennials to work for ABN AMRO? Not with a traditional campaign. So we launched a short thriller that tests if viewers are sharp enough to detect the signs of money laundering. The ones that did got offered a job as a financial crime analyst.

The movie was released online and in over 100 cinemas nationwide.

Sit back, relax and watch the full film below. Keep those eagle eyes open for anything out of the ordinary.

An online campaign promoted the movie and challenged people to find all suspicious details.

As a copywriter i'm still quite fond of the campaign line fout geld spaart niemand (translation: dirty money stains everyone).


The project was covered by various media outlets. Including  NRC, NOS, AD, Fonk, Hot Digital and Vice. It generated over €1.500.000 of PR value for ABN AMRO.


Just two days after launch 400 applications had rolled in. And the score kept rising to over 1600 at the end of the campaign. Breaking the benchmark times four.

The Dark Side of Money won +20 awards at both local and global shows. Including a Eurobest Grand Prix. Which made N=5 independent and national agency of the year in 2020.


Agency: N=5

Copywriter: Leon Ragetlie

Art director: Gabriela Nouws

Creative director: Thijs Bontje, Daniel te Lindert

Strategy: Esther Overmars, Silvia van Hooft

Account: Judith Lavalette, Merel Hoogendorp, Maaike Langereis

Producer: Anna Bosscher, Hans Dekker

Web director: Marcel Hellemons

Designer: Noortje Hulshof

Motion designer: Sander Kruit, Robine Schmetz

Photography: Ron Gessel

Production Agency: Tebbernekkel

Screenwriter: Quintin Baker, Blue ter Burg

Director: Blue ter Burg

DOP: Willem van der Eerden

Editor: Mark Schokkenbroek

Composer: Marcus Gehring

Client: Annet van Hunen, Sanne van der Bie, Maaike Scholtens, Tanja Bom