Strolling Stories


25% of dutch children are low-literate. Only 15 minutes of daily reading is enough to reverse this. But the good old fashioned book has a lot of competition. Especially from smartphones. We used this distraction and turned it into a new way of reading called Strolling Stories. A game-like experience that turns the whole city into a gigantic adventure book.


Kids read the exciting short story on their phones, but it could only be completed by finding all animated billboards.

Epic chase

The vibrant billboards took kids on a reading adventure all over town. Pulling them further and further into the story.

Social teasers

Strolling Stories was promoted online with short social teasers. A mysterious alien message urged kids to join the hunt.

Online preface

The idea was introduced by award-winning children’s book writer Maranke Rinck, who wrote the first Strolling Story.


600+ schools reached

20 minutes average reading time

#1 Christmas holiday trip on uitjes.nl


  • Strolling Stories got picked up by several websites and influencers like uitjes.nl, dagjeweg.nl, coolesuggesties.nl, Gezien in 010, Leuk met Kids and Meester Mokka.


  • Strolling Stories was a winner of the 2022 Ocean Outdoor Digital Creative Competition. Scooping up 100k prize money to execute the idea. It also got nominated by Content Marketing The Awards.

To be continued

  1. Three other cities have expressed interest in the project. (Uden, Maastricht and Doetinchem)


Agency: N=5

Copywriter: Leon Ragetlie

Art director: Gabriela Nouws, Alex Herwig

Creative director: Anne Stokvis, Thijs Bontje

Strategy: Sophie Diepstraten

Account: Gonny Pullens

Producer: Tisha Hoppenbrouwers

Motion designer: Sander Kruit

Editor: Robine Schmetz

Client: Carlijn Vos, Mandy van den Akker