Reken af met fraude


These days everybody loves true crime. But no one wants to experience it for real. Trouble is, the amount of digital scammers has reached an all time high. And so does the chance you fall victim to one. Luckily, ABN AMRO's safety tools make online fraud a lot less exciting. Take a look at these trailers.

Each trailer has its own true crime-like name and animated title. As if they are real series or podcasts. To enhance this effect the trailers were advertised (almost) unbranded.


Agency: N=5

Copywriter: Leon Ragetlie, Tim van Aerschot

Creative director: Thijs Bontje

Strategy: Ira Spits

Account: Karijn van den Bossche, Gonny Pullens

Producer: Tisha Hoppenbrouwers, Casper Reus

Editor: Robine Schmetz

Motion designer: Sander Kruit

Sound: Zeno Hehenkamp (Sound Circus)

Client: Neiske Ritsma, Lowina Flohr

Partner in true crime : Tim van Aerschot / CD: Thijs Bontje / Agency: N=5 / Production: In-house