People say there is always room for dessert. But with the soaring inflation, the financial room is getting smaller and smaller. That’s why we came up with Invlatiecorrectie. A little extra in the form of vla (a typical Dutch dessert). Buy a carton and get your cash back. Goeie van Melkunie.

I never thought something so sweet as vla could be polarizing. Then again, what isn't these days. With reactions ranging from 'brilliant' to 'language abuse' the idea got people talking.

It might not be the proudest moment in my copywriting career, but when was the last time you heard someone talking about a billboard on national radio?


Agency: N=5

Copywriter: Leon Ragetlie

Art director: Alex Herwig

Creative director: Thijs Bontje

Strategy: Ira Spits

Account: Merel Hoogendorp

Producer: Casper Reus

3D animation: Colorbleed studio

Sound: Post Office Amsterdam

Client: Martijn van Amersfoort, Myrte Roovers